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We are ready to grow our community and we hope to vet potential members through our Co-Create Program. Each co-creator in the program is given the responsibility of designing and running a project for one of the four core areas (Green Building, Permaculture, Consumables, and Community). We collaborate with them in the design process, and support them with the resources they need to get the project off of the ground. The intention is to create a vibrant project that provides abundance for the co-creator, as well as the community.  

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for talented creators for the following programs: (Spanish Fluency is a huge plus)

Green Builders

We’re looking for Green Builders with real world design experience. You will have an eye for design, function, and will have worked with non-traditional building materials found in tropical settings. You should be able to train others, lead others, and teach. Examples of your work will be a plus.


We’re looking for artisans with experience in making natural foods and consumables. Anything from cheese and sauces to toiletries and medicinals. We are looking to produce all of our consumables on the mountain, including feed for our livestock. We have a team (Mary & Jonathan) spreaheading this project but are looking to expand. The right individual or couple will have formal training or experience in this area.


We’re looking for an individual or group with formal training or experience in permaculture, especially with developing Food Forests. Knowledge about how to make natural fertilizer, bug and fungal control in the tropics is a plus. Our goal is to produce food year round for our community and live stock and grow to trading our excess production with neighbors. Our chop and drop food forest is in its early stages but is beginning to take shape. We want to move from conventional organic growing systems to less invasive chop and drop farming techniques.

Community Managers

We are looking for a person or couple with experience in event planning who can work with other project leaders to develop classes, tours, music, cultural events and guest services. Strong organization and communication skills will be a plus.

How Does It Work?

If you are invited into our community as a co-creator you will join us and create a plan for your core area with our collaboration to bring your project to fruition. There will not be wages, but you will be supported with the food we grow, lodging and the supplies for your project. We’re looking for individuals who can stay for several months at a time, and eventually stay on permanently.

The goal is to grow your project to a scale that will bring abundance to you as you also contribute to the greater good of our community through product contributions and a portion of the profits going back to the farm to cover the cost of supplies. You will also have time to develop your separate personal goals and projects. Additionally, we will need to agree on an amount for your contribution toward farm operational expenses which includes extra food items and consumables that are not produced or grown on the mountain.

Once a project plan is in place, we will pull together laborers through Freedom Cells, work-aways, work-to-stays, and community volunteering. 

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