Follow the call of the rainforest

Grow into our Eco-Village

19 years ago we heard the call and founded La Tigra Food Forest in Costa Rica. It’s here we play with natural farming techniques, craft food & medicines, exchange knowledge and build communities that respect individual freedoms.
The only thing missing is you.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Our Principles & Philosophy

Individual Freedom

We respect the inherent rights of everyone in our community, regardless of demographics, politics, or personal opinions. We believe in collaboration, not coercion. Members of our communities are co-creators and share responsibility along with the rewards.

Community Sufficiency

We aim to produce 100% of our needs within our farm, and exchange with neighbors for the things we don’t produce yet. This is all done outside of a central banking system, utilizing barter and crypto-currencies.

Education & Culture

Our community is a place for minds, bodies, and souls to flourish alongside the rainforest. We are always working to improve accommodations for visitors and produce regular music, cultural and educational events.

We're looking for Green Builders, Artisans, Permaculturists and Community Managers.

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